The Comic Adventures of Left & Right
This is Left. He's Right's friend (see Right).

This is Right. He's Left's friend (see Left).

This is Guy. He is actually many different guys. Also sometimes gals. He likes all KINDS of hats.

First appearance: Peacekeeping

This is Owldog. He is a little critter. His dad is a giant owl and his mom is a dog.

First appearance: Hybrid

Magic Tree
This is Magic Tree. He has magic powers but also gets lonely sometimes. He did not spoil the laundry.

First appearance: Correspondence

This is Richard. He thinks he is smart just because he smokes a pipe and has a weight problem. He is rich.

First appearance: Richard

This is Paperchan. He is probably the mascot for a Japanese paper company. He is very excitable.

First appearance: Paperchan Comix 1 - Bible Comix

This is Carpaccio. He is a pig and also a scientist. He likes Nintendo. He somehow came to Left and Right's universe from his own, which can be seen in U.F.O.

First appearance: Choices

This is Abe. He is a famous man that is on the USA 1¢ coin! Sometimes he is mysterious or dead.

First appearance: Celebrity

These are Geeknerds. They work in an office and write reports and go to meetings and sometimes discuss technology! They have a new supervisor who is always grumpy especially if he hasn't had his coffee!!!!!!

First appearance: Geeknerds

This is Waiter. He works in the food service industry. Sometimes he makes mistakes but he is passionate about his job(s).

First appearance: Surveillance

This is Orb. He always has bad luck, but he can also effortlessly hover in midair! Wow!

First appearance: New Friend

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